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It is impossible to live the life you truly desire if you are struggling with depression and anxiety. At Living Life Counseling we have helped many people through these painful struggles.

How We Can Help Treat Your Depression

We have observed over the years the number of individuals with depression increasing at alarming rates. One out of 10 people in America suffer with depression and the majority of those suffering with depression are women. Those that struggle with depression may not receive the understanding and support from family and friends that is so desperately needed. This support is essential given that depression is the leading cause of disability. So many people with depression go untreated which is tragic given 80 to 90 percent report feeling better after just a few weeks of treatment.

Depression can be caused by a number of factors such as unresolved family of origin issues, current situations, and /or chemical imbalances. Based on research, depression-anxiety caused by a chemical imbalance is most effectively treated with medication and therapy. We work closely with a psychiatrist in situations where medication is appropriate. Living Life Counseling can help you learn to reduce your symptoms of depression by:

  • Reducing feelings of sadness and hopelessness
  • Regaining your ability to have interests and fun
  • Looking forward to each day and finding excitement
  • Overcoming feelings of worthlessness
  • Becoming more optimistic and positive
  • Analyzing and dealing with past regrets and feelings of guilt
  • Increasing your motivation and concentration
  • Reconnecting with friends and family

No one is happy all the time, but God intended for us to experience peace and joy in our lives. With help of a caring, Living Life counselor and leaning on your faith, depression-anxiety can be overcome.

How We Can Help Treat Your Anxiety

Having feelings of anxiety is experienced by virtually everyone at some point during their life. For some people the daily stresses that we face cause anxiety. For others, these same stresses are more of an annoyance then anything. Others may experience severe fear and anxiety from typical, daily events. This severe fear may even lead to panic attacks or a person being afraid to leave their home.

To put anxiety into perspective, it is useful to know that anxiety disorders are fairly common. However, because anxiety disorders can be debilitating, it is critical to gain an understanding of the source of our anxiety and how to deal with it. In treating anxiety disorders, we work with individuals to understand their spontaneous thoughts in reaction to an anxiety triggering event. We have found that often these thoughts can be at the root of a person's anxiety. We help individuals to understand their core beliefs and challenge those beliefs that may be negatively impacting their lives.

Based on research, anxiety caused by a chemical imbalance is most effectively treated with medication and therapy. We work closely with a psychiatrist in situations where medication is appropriate. Living Life Counseling can help you learn to deal with stress and depression-anxiety by:

  • Managing panic attacks
  • Understanding and alleviating fears
  • Easing phobias
  • Reducing feelings of worry
  • Learning effective problem-solving techniques

At Living Life Counseling, we can help you learn to effectively deal and overcome the affects depression-anxiety may be having on your life or the lives of your family. Give us a call - We can help.

Depression-Anxiety Resources
To view our depression-anxiety internet and book resources go to the Depression-Anxiety sections of the RECOMMENDED BOOK RESOURCES and RECOMMENDED INTERNET RESOURCES pages on our website.

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